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Country: Italy
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sense of iki - iKi, absolute facing to your deep interior mind.
A choice has been made the choice of a shell-like skeleton protecting your soul your diaphanous and ethereal body that wonderful something not to be missed yours yours for ever now that you get living fragrance of the important materials of joy actions sorrows and loves lost two wheels destroyed for ever on the ground you on your feet saved completely sane of your light-hearted and dramatic speed risking mind find emotions in the experience of the moment you are living in testing exulting in your celebrating senses and complete series of miracles and joys but do not destroy yourself do not ruin your happy limbs no no no do not but remain here in this world construct your hidden professional universes tow them in parallel to the moment to the world to the bright merry go round of lives lived narrated and errant which, like the dipping and surging of kites shoot past in front of you and change change direction and speedily pass by and you capture them strong and resolute do not lose hold continue and proceed along the road matured out in the world… poisons potions rites and magic swords fires and minstrels love sex intimacy consumed or inviting to the friendly hate of being of participating of always wishing for more…experience of absolute joy awareness of living...starting deep in.

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every picts of my job every times of my life is expressed in a deep sense design, my deep sense design, that is not design of senses but design from senses. difference between of and from, this what I express from italian tuscany hills covered by only mud and slosh and gold winter clay warm summer leaves. not more words but picts.

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