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Jason Levesque

Jason Levesque

Country: USA
Personal web page:
Jason Levesques portraits, a speciality, succeed in capturing the many facets of female personality: Alluring, pensive, innocent, sexual, funny, disturbing, bold, funky, nonchalant but mostly just beautiful, it is hard not to fall in love with some of the women in his illustrations.

Jason Levesque artworks


Smokin Waitress

Polka Dots

Jason Levesque interview


What's your background?

I'm a self taught web designer and illustrator. Drawing was a hobby for me though up until a few years ago when i met my fiancÚ. She's an illustrator/painter which makes it easy for me to find time to work on my art and also someone who can give me good creative feedback. I've had a few good breaks over the last year and hope they continue to come.


I'm inspired by the people i surround myself with, by the many beautiful shapes of the female body. I'm inspired by the styles of art nouveau and by many modern artists in Japan.

What do you think about Digital Art scene today? Is it Art? ... or graphics?

I often have a hard time seeing the line between art and design graphics. I believe what i do is create art with design. And when I design, I create a design using art.

A few words about your technique:

Most often my illustrations originate on paper. I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere i go and when i think i have something worth coloring, I'll scan and color in Photoshop. I use a lot of homemade texture brushes and paper overlays. I enjoy mixing vector lines with dirty "painterly" textures.

A few words about Graphola:

I'm new to Graphola, So far though I have to say i'm very happy with it, It's nice to have my work appreciated and it's flattering to know that people will part with their money to own it. Thank you graphola.

You know ... Graphola is an Italian organization: ... a few words about Italian girls:

Hah, Italian girls? So, I've never dated an Italian girl, I know they sound lovely when they speak Italian and that their moms probably make a marvelous spaghetti dinner.


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