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Oliver Wetter

Oliver Wetter

Country: Germany
Personal web page:
Through the mixed media-technique Oliver got the possibility to
mix photographs with Paintings, the medium, mostly the PC is
therefore often the sketchpad but as also the appliance, when it
comes to accentuate, or even adjust colortonevalues, which does alleviate
the further work with Painting programs, or even the physical painting process
for example; with "Airbrush" significantly.

Special papercollage- techniques, combined with 3d-design,
photography and digital postwork does allow him an unrestricted mobile
visual expression-potentiality, which carriages almost every medium.

The virtuality, to bring together art and design in a harmonical unison,
is one of Fantasio´s main-concerns.

Oliver Wetter artworks


Who is da fly?

Venus in furs

Dark flavour of happiness

Hope, they won´t hear you cry...

Thorns within

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