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Fernanda Cohen

Country: USA
Personal web page:
Fernanda Cohen grew up in Buenos Aires, and eventually moved to New York City to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts. Soon after graduating, her work was recognized by American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators of NY, Graphis, ADC, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, BD&AD, ARCHIVE and a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators of LA among others. Important exposure includes the cover of The New York Times Magazine, Target, Continental Airlines, Dwell, Fast Company, Money, Flaunt....

Fernanda's work has also been exhibited in art galleries around the world, including the US, the UK, Australia, Singapore and Argentina. She had her first solo show in Manhattan gallery A Taste of Art in 2004, and the next one in Buenos Aires at Sonoridad Amarilla gallery in 2005.

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