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Guilherme Marconi

Guilherme Marconi

Country: Brazil
Personal web page:
I'm this: a mix of cultures and forms, not linears vision of linears themes, a constant "moving metamorphosis", always changing and experimenting, but not losing the principal influence.... the constructivism, brazilian root...
Guilherme Marconi has born in Nova Friburgo - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

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Guilherme Marconi interview


Please introduce yourself and tell us little bit about your background.
I started to produce some illustration when I was eighteen years old, I did my firsts works, and after that a lot of things happenned. I started to study some process and some aplications, alone,just with the books... I never liked those boring classes or teachers. :-) I choosed to develop some technics and put it in practice in my works as a freelancer. I usually did my contacts by myself (and the budget to the clients) untill the last months of 2005 that Flair started to negociate to me. Flair is an agency that runs in Brazil and France, so if someone wants to get a look at this agency, it is just access:

Where are you from? How is the Digital Art scene in your country.
Im a brazilian guy, and i live in a small and cold city in Rio de Janeiro, a confortable and peaceful place. The brazilian artist scene are in a change process, it is growing in world, like a "Boom". It is happening because of the work of some wonderful people that I was a fan, like: Eduardo Recife, Adhemas Batista, Carolina Aborrage, Alexandre Braga, and a lot of others. So, all this valorization of brazilian works is good, the brazilian artistic scene has been seen with another eyes, improving the perfomance in our country.

Could you share with us the history behind "Cloning"? What does it mean?
The Cloning idea started when I was seventeen or eighteen years old, and I thought that some health problems could be solved with transplant, so the organ clone would be a good idea. The first version of the site was composed with some LEGO puppets replacing their legs or anothers pieces with each other. :-) The name continued, but the illustatrion and the theme concepts changed a lot. I passed by a pictoric vectorial period, it remained almost a year, but after I thought: " I dont want to do just this. I love abstractions, surrealism and constructivism." And I decided, that from this moment I would produce what I wanted, and I did it until find the work line i have nowadays.

What do you think about Digital Art? What do you love about it?
What I really like in digital art is the infinity probabilities we can produce from it, as in technics aplications, or in publicizing images. The internet make public, and it permit people to spread and idea in a fast and dynamic way, and it is the what enchant me in digital art, the capacity of making art public.

What kind of softwares do you currently use?
I usually use Photoshop and CorelDraw, and the good and old paper and pencil sometimes.

How would you describe your style?
My style has a lot of fluctuation and it is based in my humor. :-) But 90% of my images has some hot collors, like: blue, green, yellow and pink.
Even Im producing a vectorial illustration or a bitmap composition I
(sometimes) use these collors. The thing that has more influence in my work is the country i live, the typicals costums and the folklore. Brazil define my work style. :-)

Could you tell us the creative process? What inspires you?
My process of creation happens all the time, im always wondering that i could produce this or that, all the time new ideas come to my mind, and it is a hard work to organize this ideas to a good work. Some small things inspires me a lot, some situation of the day, a movie, a chat with my girlfriend of friends, the lunch, a topyc related to politician of my country and of course, anothers designers and artists influence me too.

Who are your favourite artists or designers?
My favorite designers are:
Eduardo Recife -
Rogerio Lionzo - http://www.lionzo.comn/
Chuck Anderson -
Alexandre Braga -
Ademas Batista -
Kako -

And my favorite artists are:
Romero Brito"

What do you think about
I think a great idea of Graphole, give the oportunity for new artists, and
better: digital artists. Because in some countries, this digitals artists are still looking for their place in sun and waiting people understand their work. So, I would like to congratulate that fantastic work of Graphola. Congratulations!

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The second place in competition to 2006 Cup:

The responsable for one of the oficials tshirts of N Design event:

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