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Ida Belogi

Ida Belogi

Country: Italy
Personal web page:

Ida Belogi was born at a certain moment in time, and ever since, she has taken that event for granted, as we all do to one extent or another, truth be told. In a flash, she was a thirtysomething, artist without true commitment. Those were hard times - entertainment was considered subversive, artistic action was taken dead seriously - I remember them well.
Then she won a load of prizes, but they mattered little to her, and she soon forgot about them. I could here talk about her professional training, but it would be pointless to do so, so I won't. There are far more important events.
When she lost her memory, there was a huge party with tightrope walking, elephants, tigers and fire-eaters.
That was when her great passion for vector strokes began - a passion that, to this day, continues to delight young and old alike. She lives, works and forgets in Rome.

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Ida Belogi interview

This interview has been done by Vectorika Magazine, published by
Thanks Vektorjunkie!

Please introduce yourself and tell us little bit about your background..
Iím an old girlie relatively satisfied with her toys. I have a great passion for visual arts and for music.. I always loved to draw; to follow this passion I started out in a conventional way: arts high school and art at university. All of this dealt more or less with classical art.
Then the computer came across and thatís how i arrived at vector graphics which, in turn, gave me an immeasurable desire to create.

Where are you from?
Roma, Italia.. not an easy place to live in, but quite stimulating

Could you share with us the history behind What does it mean?
The web site was born from my love for drawing, joined with my desire to compare my work with those of others on the Internet. The name b-9 was born naturally, by itself. 9 is a constantly recurring number in my life. The b, apart from being my initial, is another element that is continuously and mysteriously present. I find the union of the two to have a nice sound and an interesting look, as they seem almost the same character mirrored, almost a 69 (my year of birth...). So, itís personal yet purely abstract at the same time.

What do you think about vektor graphik? What do you love about it?
Discovering vector graphic for me was a real rebirth... it gave me back the pleasure for drawing, providing me with a new language that I can unceasingly explore, over and over. Every creative input, when handled with vectors, makes me tireless. What I love most of vector graphic are its different levels of usage, the possibility of reaching a terrific complexity just by keep on adding basic elements, the fun of pushing this complexity far beyond pixel-size constraints.

What kind of vektor softwares do you currently use?
Illustrator (always the last version)

How would you describe your style?
Pictorial (unavoidably inherited from my formation), obsessive, playful, erotic, narrative

How do you work from concept to the final artwerk?
Could you tell us the creative process?
I enjoy to collaborate with websites and webzines, gathering different inputs that I can elaborate in the more free way as I can. Sometimes, starting from themes that initially didnít convince me Iíve reached absolutely satisfying results.
Usually, I start from an idea and then I try to make it concrete, facing the challenges posed by each phase of the work, without thinking about the next ones. Once Iíve visualized a mental image, I try to think about the technique that can be more appropriate to represent it (flat vectors, faded colors, sketched and so on). Often, the atmospheres that emerge while Iím working suggest me how to go on.

What are the projekts you are currently working on?
Any future projekts you can share with us?
Currently my first exhibition is in progress (, Iím participating to the
human? project and Iím completing a new illustration for issue 7 of vektorika magazine. Future plans include new works for graphola ( and frattura scomposta (a new italian pdf magazine)

Any favorites projekt?
Vektorika, superlicious, human?

Who are your favourite artists or designers?
The firsts that come up to my mind:
Marcel Duchamp,
Hans Bellmer,
Yoshida Ryo,
Chris Cunningham,,,,

What inspires you?
Could you list the 8 things that inspiring you in your creative process?

Shifts of meaning

The relationships that establish with people and places that I draw, while Iím drawing the beauty (dirty, lost, alive)

Any tips or tricks for those vektorlover out there, to create such as lovely vektor artwerks like yours?

I can list you some of the things that for me are absolutely necessary:
To have something to portray and to fall desperately in love with it (just as you fall in love with a woman).
The freedom to sway in the details as in a long journey without dimensions.
To give myself completely, building and rearranging myriads of different levels without idleness, until i reach the result that satisfies me, which convinces me that iíve done all i could.

What do you think of
Only nice things. Thank to you Iíve discovered that my passion for vectors is a world-spreaded disease. Everytime one of my works appears on VJ I feel a bit like home.

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