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Mauro Lovisetto

Mauro Lovisetto

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1965 born in Treviso, lives and works in Italy.

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Mauro Lovisetto interview


I know Mauro I should say… since I had the idea of Graphola. He was one of the firsts to support the initiative.
Since then we have always been in touch,  mostly talking about work, music and  whatever …  rather than art.
Oh yes! With Mauro Lovisetto you can fool around greatly, you can have fun in the easiness of a light chat …. You actually forget any form of snobbism that roots event in the freakiest Digital Artists.

In short, Mauro Lovisetto has art inside, an art that doesn’t show off, an art probably unexploited … but he doesn’t care much about it. Indeed. He has too much passion to have the time to think of ways to propose himself as an artist.
Mauro has the fortune to manage to reproduce his “feeling” with every means… graphics, photo, video, music…
A feeling that mixes sex, metropolitan shock, loneliness, grotesque.
All his works have been printed by Graphola in 100x100 cm
Look at them, there, printed … it is exciting.
See you soon!

Alfredo Celiberti


Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background...
I am annoying & an asshole.  Avoid me if you can.
Looking backwards in my life, I consider myself fortunate of not having done any school of art, graphics, computer or whatsoever.
I have no academic background, hence no instilled rules to follow.
I do what I like to do and specially I do not do anything  that makes me, or anybody yawn.

Where are you  from?
 I am from Treviso, a small parlor over Venetia.

How do you express your creativity, .. your art?
I would like to make my life an art: talk with art, eat with art, make love with art and so on, but I think that after a while I would feel like an asshole, so, until it pleases me, I just do paintings an what I have to do to earn a living with my job.

Could you share with us the history behind Eramaxima? What does it mean?
Eramaxima is a name that came to my mind reading a book on the fall and decline of the Roman Empire.
It is an invented name. I liked the sound of it … that’s all.
(If needed there could be a meaning, but explaining it becomes boring and endless)

What do you think about Graphola? What do you love about it?
Graphola has recently sowed and the little plants are still small and delicate.
But even the most imposing oak trees were once small and delicate, weren’t they?
From Graphola I think only beautiful things. Thanks Alfredo, be patient. I love you!

What kind of softwares do you currently use?
For my job, generally speaking I use software from Adobe and Apple. For my paintings, photo camera, Photoshop and Illustrator.

How would you describe your style?
I use a gastronomic metaphor:
pennette-garlic-oil-peperoncino and, as good Venetian, for the wine I would choose a Cabernet Franc.

Could you tell us the creative process?
I have no creative process, I do not use a particular method. I would love to, I have tried to but at the end I always improvise.
What are the projects you are currently working on?
At present (October 2006) I am working on a video clip for the Italian group named “Non Voglio Che Clara”  (N.o.t. “I just want Clara”).
In the near future (I hope in the first months of 2007) I will publish a book of “Graphic Pictures” shot in London , Berlin, Paris and Milan.

Any future projects you can share with us?
I’ m beginning to work with real paintbrushes again …
Who are your favorite artists or designers?
 If he existed, certainly God.

What inspires you?
Women, the experienced things… after saying this, it doesn’t mean that I like aged women.
Could you list the 8 things that inspire you in your creative process?

  • A sunset.
  • A blooming flower.
  • Two old people walking hand in hand.
  • A dry leaf.
  • The water of a mountain spring.
  • Tennis.
  • Children that playing  and shouting.
  • Hair-gel.


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