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Riccardo Baldassarri

Riccardo Baldassarri

Country: Italy
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I’m always looking for a constructive confrontation. I consider myself to be an “ignorant scholar”, not just in my profession, but also in my sentimental and cultural life. The more I’m getting to know the world, the more I’m becoming aware, with marvellous amazement, of its changing beauty and horror. It’s very difficult to overcome some limits; we usually accept something pretending to ignore something else, believing of having received an answer, building up a definite identity or a feeling of safeness. Perhaps art, in its most pure and authentic way, is able to go beyond beauty and ugliness, beyond morality and immorality, good and bad.

But consider the old saying: “Art is so great but life is so short”...
Make time your own time, the illusion is divine.

May the style be with you

Riccardo Baldassarri aka Tetrarca

Riccardo Baldassarri artworks


babbo finocchio

subliminal message

Mediatic miopy



Ri_morso - remorse

self prtrait


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